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British Currency Slang:

If discussing quantities of cash, the following may be useful :-

Name Unit
Dollar 25p From the old gold standard when it was £1 = $4
Nicker / Quid  £1 (pound) Origin unclear
Fiver / Flag £5 Fiver = obvious, Flag from the size of the old notes
Tenner £10 Obvious
Score £20 Score is common slang for 20
Pony £25From the picture of a pony on the Indian 25 rupee note
Bullseye £50Center of a Dart-Board, worth 50 points
Ton £100"Ton" is often used as a representation of 100 of anything.
String (of ponies) £2505 ponies are said to make up a string
Monkey £500Again, from the picture of a monkey on an Indian 500 rupee note
Bag (of sand) £1,000Cockney rhyming slang for Grandf
Plum £100,000Unknown
Bar £1,000,000From the Bar in roman numerals used above "M" (1000) to indicate the number should be multiplied by 1000
Yard £1,000,000,000Each "000" is said to represent a foot, therefore three feet = a yard